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Guide to Virtual School Day

School Day

The school day will begin promptly at 8am (see the bell schedule). Teachers will begin instruction in their virtual classrooms according to our regular bell schedule. 


Attendance will be taken daily by way of an introductory assignment (similar to a do now) or by another means provided by the teacher. Students are considered present if they log into their classes during designated class time. Attendance is important as we have moved to an online platform where teachers and students availability is accessed via computer.

Classroom Norms

Students should log on to Google Classroom daily and according to their class schedule to join their class which will be in session.


Each teacher will have their own unique way of providing instructions and posting assignments on google classrooms. Students will be able to communicate with their teachers during class via the mode of communication chosen by the teacher (Zoom, email, chat, etc.).

Turning in Assignments

Students will be able to turn in assignments on google classroom by the due dates indicated. Teachers are able to correct student work and provide meaningful feedback on google classroom, submitted assignments are date and time stamped so be sure to turn assignments in on time.


Grades will be recorded and submitted in Aeries as they usually are. Parents can view grades in the parent portal.


Parents can request a meeting with teachers via email.