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Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

way of the Phoenix

  • Employ higher level thinking skills in math, science, and technology.
  • Access, analyze and synthesize information to formulate conclusions and solve problems to make decisions.
  • Ask essential questions that stimulate dialogue 
  • Use scientific inquiry and problem-solving skills and apply them to engineering principals
  • Master the four C’s of Project Based Learning:  Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity
  • Use a logical and effective decision-making process to analyze and understand possible outcomes.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of healthy lifestyles, including the skills necessary to respond effectively to stress, conflict, and change
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and respect for the diversity among people
  • Operate effectively as cooperative members of a team
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of ethical behavior in society
  • Participate in student-centered learning environments
  • Are self-motivated and self-directed
  • Respect community by performing mandated community service hours
  • Participate in extracurricular activities to build a school wide culture of excellence
  • Fulfill a-g requirements
  • Set four-year academic plan in the ninth grade
  • Have access and are encouraged to take AP courses
  • Receive, interpret, and apply communications from others succinctly
  • Read and listen reflectively and critically
  • Understand and interpret ideas creatively