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Principal's Message

 Welcome to the 2017-18 school year at Compton Early College High School (CECHS)! For those returning, welcome home, for those new to the Early College Family…we’re happy you’re finally here! When I arrived at CECHS I was greeted by extraordinarily talented students and colleagues, who are committed to accomplishing exciting and meaningful things together. CECHS is blessed to be a part of the outstanding Willowbrook community, the students, parents, and staff of Compton Early College High School will continue to reach even greater heights this school year.


Compton Early College High School continues to offer a complete Honors/AP and college prep program that has a history of providing students with the necessary education to attend our nation’s finest educational institutions. This past year we have witnessed some incredible accomplishments from our entire Compton Early College High School Family. The greatest of these is that Compton Early College High School was awarded the Jefferson Service Award in 2016-2017, because of the phenomenal leadership of our teachers. Compton Early College High School has also opened a number of specialized academic programs that make CECHS the “High School of Academic Excellence.” We truly believe it is crucial that all students become involved in some type of school activity/team, it provides students with the necessary feeling of belonging and helps to develop their self-confidence and social skills. As partners in the educational process, parents and guardians provide the crucial encouragement, monitoring, and support to our children that are vital to their success. Every CECHS student is enrolled to not only gain his or her four-year diploma, but to proceed on to a 2- or 4-year post high school education (8 Year Educational/Career Plan). To that regard, in March 2018 the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) will spend one day on campus reviewing our Focus on Learning report, to validate how and what we do.


CECHS has a partnership with Compton Community College (AB 288), where students take college classes during their regular school day and earn both UC/CSU transferable college units while meeting their high school graduation credit requirements, with the intent of also earning their Associate of Arts degree.


CECHS staffs role is to be homework monitors, test motivators, and life skill building teachers. These attributes will propel students to become college bound students, which is the CECHS ultimate goal.


There are a few things to keep in mind:

1) There is always homework

2) Check in on your student’s teachers’ web pages for class information

3) All absences must be cleared via note or phone call

4) Plan to attend your child’s Individual Graduation Plan meeting (IGP) with their counselor

5) Be present in your child’s social life

6) You and I own our child’s/student’s academic progress by staying in touch with all aspects of their academic life


I realize that students at this age would prefer that we start to take a backseat to what is happening, but I also know they truly need our contribution and support more than ever right now. We at CECHS are pleased to be able to do whatever we can to assist our students in the challenge before them. 


Parents, we appreciate you and your support, as your role cannot be underestimated nor replicated by any institution. Your son/daughter is a part of this incredible heritage by attending CECHS. I look forward to seeing you throughout this AMAZING year ahead, I thank you for enrolling your students at CECHS, Home of Scholars and Victors!



Dr. Pamela Maddox,