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Physical Education Courses, Grades 9-12

  • Physical Education 1
  • Physical Education 2

Physical Education

Physical Education 1
Grade 9

The major emphases are on fitness, team and individual sports. In learning about fitness, the students become familiar with new concepts related to the physiology of exercise; become knowledgeable consumers in relation to fitness; and experience a wide variety of exercises for flexibility, muscular strength and endurance. In team sports, students learn history, rules, and strategies of the sport and become proficient in the appropriate skills. Students will also begin to identify preference for types of physical activity that can be pursued over the long term for fitness and recreation.

Physical Education 2
Grade 10

The four emphases of study are individual and dual sports, combative, dance, and analysis of movement. The individual or dual sports may be of the students' own choosing. The class also prepares students to be informed consumers in physical and recreational activities they plan to pursue outside of school. Students are taught to analyze physiological and mechanical principles involved in human movement and make adjustment in physical exercise to achieve personal goals for fitness or motor performance or both.