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 OCTOBER 15, 2022 - JANUARY 9, 2023

Applications are currently accepted for incoming 6th and 9th grade

Apply to Join CEC

Applying to CEC is a simple online process.  

Please be prepared to provide the following information with your application

  1. Student Essay
  2. Transcripts for the last three years
  3. Grade report or progress report from current school for the current school year
  4. Copy of most recent CAASPP Test Results (If not available, please provide results from another recent standardized test your child has taken)
  5. Attendance report for the last three years
  6. Discipline Report (if any)
  7. Compton College Dual Enrollment Form (9th grade only)
  8. Recommendation Form completed by your English and Math teacher

If you have questions about the application or need assistance please call the school office (310)604-2706